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Where does your food come from?


Our kitchens turn fresh ingredients into tantelizing, memorable dishes every day. We invest a great deal of time and energy into ensuring that we're using the freshest ingredients we can find wherever possible. Here are just a few of the local farmers and producers we work with so you can find comfort in knowing that we care where your food comes from.

Silver Lewis Cheese Factory Monticello, WI

What makes an authentic Wisconsin-style pizza? Well, a lot of it has to do with the Wisconsin cheese that tops it. You won't find a single bag of pre-shredded cheese (which often come with additives) in our kitchens. We buy our cheese in bricks from Silver Lewis and shred it daily.

Milwaukee, WI

Usinger's has been providing quality meats in Wisconsin for over 130 years. It's a quality you can taste. We receive weekly shipments from Usinger's and then slice the pepperoni, salami, canadian bacon and pastrami in our kitchens. Our cooks have become meat connoisseurs and declare working with Usinger's to be one of our biggest accomplishments.

Steepleview Farms
Primrose, WI

Take a drive through Wisconsin's countryside and you will often see corn fields broken only by pasture land dotted with cattle. Our beef comes from cattle raised locally by Ross Thomas and Wayne Schlimgen in Primrose, WI. They keep their herds small in number and take care to provide us with antibiotic and hormone-free beef for our restaurants. We also work closely with our butcher Hoesly Meats to make sure our beef and steak dishes are the best around.

Lonesome Stone Milling
Lone Rock, WI

Each bag of flour we receive from Lonesome Stone Milling is marked with the Wisconsin farm that grew the grain. We use this to create a whole wheat dough that can't be beat.

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